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  • Aldous says:

    Is the hot shoe still useable when the cage is on? I can’t tell with the pictures. It would be nice to see different angles of the cage. I use the Sony XLR-K1M frequently and need the hot shoe accessible. Thanks!

    • alex says:

      Yes, hot shoe is usable when the cage is on and please visit website tomorrow there are some more pictures on the website

      • al says:

        It’s very hard to see how the hotshoe is accessible when the top handle is attached. From the photos posted this seems rather unlikely, but perhaps the top handle can be moved around?

        This is an important issue for people wanting to use Sony’s XLR attachments. Please give a definitive answer and show clearer photos.

  • Chad Dyle says:

    Do you have more than this one picture of the cage? Is the hot shoe still accessible? Is there any way to modify this with the Sony battery grip? My only problem with the camera is the battery life and having two is a life saver.

  • Long says:

    Would definitely love to see more detailed picture of this product. Any news on when it will be available?

  • devtank says:

    Id actually like it in grey!
    however, it looks very well designed, look forward to the reviews.

  • Aldous says:

    Will this fit lens adapters with tripod collar mounts? I use the Sony LA-EA4 A-mount adapter and the tripod collar mount can not be removed.

  • Stephane says:

    Does the handle is a piece of wood without visible screw as we can see on some pictures or just a piece of plastic with visible screw ?

  • Josh Park says:

    I picked up this cage directly from Motionnine while I was visiting Korea last week. Very good cage, sturdy and holds the camera well. What I like about this cage is that there is a new design to the handle that allows you to mount hotshoe mount microphone and the design leaves a room for the cord to be installed properly without getting caught on the cage. Also there is a quarter twenty mount at the bottom for you to attach Metabones foot mount (the extra front tail section.) It requires a couple of washers to jam properly, but I found a perfect way to mount it myself.

    • al says:

      You mean the XLR-K1M adapter right? I’ve been trying to find out if it fits (as is devtank below apparently). Thanks.

    • al says:

      You mean the handle is now different than the one shown in the photo?
      It’s really hard to see in photo how the KM1 adapter can fit under the handle. THere seems to be very little space.

  • devtank says:

    Is there any way I can use the top handle with the hot shoe also?

  • devtank says:

    Great new pictures! Thank you! Best design cage for A7 series I have yet seen. I will be ordering this soon.

  • Luis Guevara says:

    I would like to know if the Alpha 7S cage will work for the Sony a7R . Can anybody reply please?

  • I really like the design of this cage and have two questions:
    1.- The cage is compatible with the Sony xlr-k2m?
    2.- How the aditional battery works with the camara? throuh USB?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Motionnine says:

      1. Yes it is compatible with Sony k2m
      2. A7S camera cannot be charged through USB as far as I know
      But we are launching voltage adapter (5V, 7.4V, 12V all in package) on Jan 25 then you can charge the camera with it

      • M Julien says:

        You said “Yes it is compatible with Sony k2m”. Just got my Montion 9 cage. Can’t figure how to fit the handle on the cage when the XLR-K2M is installed. Please help.

  • devtank says:

    Will this cage work with A7II?
    Im thinking that the wood grip might have to come off but everything else looks like it shout fit, what about the microphone port and the viewfinder, do they fit?

  • Charles Chan says:

    very nice cage, I think your cage better than Movcam a7s cage, but I love Movcam handle like this:
    if u have this handle I think is perfect

  • Charles Chan says:

    Really looking forward to your new handle, if you have good news, please notify me and buy

  • Christian says:

    Hey, awesome cage. I already purchased one. Quick question. Does ist somehow work with a LA-EA3 Adapter attached to the camera? As I need one like most of the time.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Hi, very nice cage! Will order one! Question: could I use my Sony XLR-K2M microphone directly on the hotshoe and still have space to move the handle sideways or re-position it?
    Best regards Kim

  • Aldous says:

    Will this cage work with the Sony LA-EA4 lens adapter? This adapter has an unremoveable big tripod collar mount attached to the front so I wasnt if it will fit or not.

  • Christian says:

    Christian again. I just wanted to say its an awesome cage. I got it this werk and its amazing. Works perfectly with the LA EA 3 adapter!

  • Edgard says:

    I absolutely love this cage. It fits my camera perfectly letting me access every single function on the camera. It feels rock solid when I have it on my hands. Im also very impressed with the quick delivery to Australia.

    • Motionnine says:

      Dear Edgard, We are very glad to hear that you like the cage and thanks for sharing with us with your experience. Have a nice day ^^


  • Randy says:

    Two questions please.
    1) Does the wooden handle leave enough room for the Metabones EF-E mount adaptor?
    2) Are all of the holes in the unit threaded for multiple attachment position options?

    • Motionnine says:

      1. Yes enough room for your adapter
      2. Yes, all holes are 1/4 inch it helps you to mount your accessories wherever you wnat

    • Motionnine says:

      Hello Randy, yes the cage can be used with EF-E mount adaptor together. and all the thread can mount accessories. thanks sara

  • Frederick Chastain says:

    The Metabones EF-E IV adaptor is too wiggly for me, especially with a Canon zoom lens attached. If there was a way to secure this adaptor to the cage somehow, for added rigidity, I would love it.

    For example, can the “body support” piece on the cage be attached to the screw mount at the base of the Metabones adaptor be mounted to?

    Thank you,


  • Chris says:

    Will you be offering this cage with the new NATO hdmi protectors you have on the newer cages?

  • Perry Ryan says:

    Any chance of ordering the CUBE Alpha A7s cage with a quick release (“one touch”) system instead of the screw down setup?

  • Winston says:

    Hi – How low can the rod riser be set down to? Can it be lowered so it sits on the rail block, nice and low? It doesn’t appear like it will go all the way down to the rail block?

    Many Thanks


  • James says:

    Hey there,

    IS it possible to use the Wooden Camera PL mount with this or will it not fit with the wooden handle?


    • Motionnine says:

      Hi James, I am afraid we haven’t checked it yet
      Regarding handle, if it is nato type you can use it with Motion 9 cage

  • DataLaForge says:

    This looks great. I’d like to see pictures of the bottom. Would that be possible?

  • Jeff says:

    Can you make one for my Sony Nex-7, it looks very well built, I hope you can modify some for Nex-7 I know some other owners of the nex-7 system who will also purchase some. Thank you very much.

  • devtank says:

    Very happy with mine! Very well designed.
    I use a Sony Zeiss Distagon 24/2 A mount with LA-EA4 and the body support had to come out. The fact that its an option to remove it is excellent.
    The cable clamp acts as a second handle and is wide enough to wrap long cables around it when not in use. I mount a second audio recorder on top of this clamp and the primary underneath. I use Arca-Swiss nodal rail instead of rods as my primary use for the camera is evenly split between stills and video.

  • Jeff Wood says:

    Hi, Does this fit the a7 mark II also? I want to buy one for my a7s now but am concerned that I will have to just buy another one when the a7s mark II comes out. I believe the a7s mark II may have the same form as the a7 Mark II so this would put my mind at rest. Thank you.

    • Motionnine says:

      Hello sir,
      It’s the cage only for A7S. If you say A7 Mark2, the body ship is slightly different from.

  • peder says:

    Is it possible to fasten a manfrotto plate under the cage?

  • Treb Monteras II says:

    Do you have options for an A7s with Battery grip setup?

  • kiedamackem says:

    Could you tell me if this cage will be compatible with the Sony A7RII?

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