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  • Ignacio Artinano says:


    Is it possible to push the lock button above de mode dial knob without removing the GH4 camera of the cage?

  • Jay says:

    Hello Motionnine,

    Does the cage or the handle have any 3/8″ threaded holes?

  • Koichi Sakaguchi says:

    how much weight is cube cage gh-4 wit?h top handle and hdmi clump and also without?

  • Can I use the cube cage with the metabones speed booster? or Is there a problem because of the tripod of the adapter?

  • Howard C says:

    Hi, I am ready to commit to purchase cubecage for my GH4. I am down to one question, will there be fitment issue with Metabones speed booster in place? Otherwise everything else look good. Thanks in advance.

  • ken says:

    Can you flip out and rotate the LCD w/ the cable clamp in place?
    I’d also like to know if you can use a speedbooster with it.

    • alex says:

      No, please remove cable clamp then you can see lcd top to the bottom
      But if you use hdmi cable, microphone cable you don’t have to rotate lcd as you know

  • Paolo Santos says:

    Will the anti-rotaiton feature interfere if you use a metabones speed booster or fotodiox lens adaptors like the Visllex ND Throttle?

  • Paolo Santos says:

    Sorry, I see that the metabones speed booster question has been answered, but how about the Fotodiox Visilex ND Throttle adaptor? Or any lens adaptor for that matter? Thank you.

  • Westley says:

    What is the purpose of little silver rod protruding from the rear of the cage on the top right? Also, would you consider including a cold shoe as a special offer as you have done for the Sony A7 cage ?

  • kara says:

    Hi will my microphones which both have shoe mounts mount to this?
    Also I want the tascam DR 60D to mount to the bottom of this cage.

    • Ed says:

      I wouldn’t mount the Tascam to the bottom of the cage. I don’t think it will be sturdy enough to hold your camera steady and reliably as the Tascam mounting is not very sturdy. I mount my Tascam on top of my cage and this works much better.

      • kara says:

        thanks Ed. how are you finding the GH4 cage is it worth the money?

        • Marcelo says:

          Hey kara, I just receieved my cage last night. It is my first cage and I got it on 15% off right before the new year, since its the first cage I’ve owned I can’t full on say it’s worth the money, but so far so good. It’s designed well, feels great and looks clean. I’m not that happy about the allen wrench they supplied. It took some breaking in to make it fit perfectly with the machine screws they supplied. Over all I’m liking it. I got the slider as well, but I’m still testing it out. It’s not as smooth as I would like for the price I paid. If it holds up for at least 3 years of my wedding work, it’s worth it.

  • Martin says:

    How does the cage mount to the GH4 hotshoe?

  • Roger says:

    Would it be possible to fit a Sony RX10 into this cage? Would the camera be able to fit after screwing in the bottom tripod hole?

  • Sotiris says:

    Is this possible to attach handgrips or soulder pad like tilta system?. Thank you

    • Motionnine says:

      Hi, it is possible to attach those units but we don’t have have handgrips or shoulder pad
      We will consider to manufacture those


  • Hey there.

    I have this cage in black and it’s great. Works as expected and looked awesome.
    Quick question, what size machine bolts does the cage use to hold the cable clamp in place?


    • Motionnine says:

      It’s m3*12 (Metric screw dimensions)
      This screw is for holding clamp block (If you have A7s there are 4 blocks)

  • jeff padet says:

    wich difference beetween cubecage and cube mix please

  • Apollo says:

    Is there a quick release option between the Cube cage & the Rod riser? Or do the have to be manually screwed together?

  • iml0 says:

    Does the 2600mAh battery shown on this page have all necessary cables to connect it to GH4 (like a dummy battery?) that can be used to connect it to a GH4? I didn’t find any information about that on your site, only connector diameter… Thanks in advance!

    • Motionnine says:

      It doesn’t include it
      Even if you have a connector battery voltage and camera voltage is different so you can not connect gh4 directly at the moment
      We are soon to launch volt adapter so with this item you can charge gh4 / 5d3 / a7s camera
      and we are supporting camera coupler for customers

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  • Dennis Kane says:

    Will you have a Nato handle available for the GH4 cage ?

  • Hi,
    Can be opened the flash of the GH4 when the Cage is attached to the camera body?


    • Motionnine says:

      It is not opened the flash when cage is attached
      All cage is the same that you cannot use flash when cage is mounted


  • Already asked but not answered: What is the purpose of little silver rod protruding from the rear of the cage on the top right?


  • ramy says:

    i would like to know how the battery supplied with the cage connects to the GH4?
    you do not go into details on that..

    • Motionnine says:

      We are going to launch volt adapter which you can use 5V, 7.4V and 12V
      With this adapter you can charge your camera directly
      It will be launched in a month

      Send me email to and I will inform you when ready


      • ramy says:

        So.. from what I understand from your response is that you are marketing a battery with the cage for the GH4 and there is no way to connect it yet? so it is a useless piece of kit for the GH4 at this stage… why not explain this and be clear about it? that is an unprofessional avenue to take in my opinion without any explanation for those who are interested to purchase it as a whole package..
        anyways email sent…

        • alex says:

          We actually explained at shop part but I apology for your inconvenience
          We will update it shortly
          By the way, this is Battery description

          CUBE POWER SET
          (16v 2600mAh, battery plate, charger)
          Motionnine Cube Power Battery supplys 16V 2699mAh.
          You can use free voltage camera/monitor/EVF/recorder and light

  • mk says:


    Any Australian retailers?



    • Motionnine says:

      What do you mean by that?
      Would you want to be our dealler inside AU or to buy our product by AU dealer?

  • Allyn Heck says:

    I believe the interest in the RX10 will be significant with the mark II release. Ground breaking. I have the mark I version, and have submitted order for the mark II as well. Since you don’t have a cage for the RX10 – which of the existing cages would you suggest as a good fit ?

    • Motionnine says:

      Hello, I am sorry that we do not have cage which could fit for the RX10, all the cages we have is form-fitting.Sorry for the inconvenient.

  • Peter Ewan says:

    i have just purchased a Cube Mix for my GH4 and i’m very happy with it. How do I mount things such as a Zoom H4n which has a female mount on it or Rode Stereo Mic Pro which has a hot shoe fitting to it?

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